Youth Ministry

Kids Club-

Fired Up ( Middle School Youth)– Fired Up is for grades 5-8. We generally meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. We also have special events, like movie night etc. Our mission is to, “Ignite a spark in your heart for the Lord”. We have a lot of fun playing games, eating snacks and learning about God’s amazing love for us. If you would like additional information feel free to contact April at

High School Youth Group-

We generally meet twice a month and also do special events throughout the year. The days and times of our meetings fluctuate based on the activites the youth are involved with at school. We focus a lot on using what we know about the Bible and God’s love out in the world in our every day lives. We do our best to “talk the talk and walk the walk”. Food and games are also a mainstay in our ministry! Come celebrate God’s love for us and help us spread the Word through our neighborhood and beyond. ( Grades 9-12)

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